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The C.L.O.M.E.A. has been engaged for over thirty years in the production and marketing of a wide range of bending machines, machine tools and equipment for metal profiles.
The company is constantly looking for new technologies and new technical solutions, thus being able to improve the quality of its products in order to offer its customers solutions suitable for solving the various requests presented.
Many years of experience, constant market research, advanced design, great care in execution and customer service, have made C.L.O.M.E.A. making it a leading player on the market, with particular attention to the bending sector.

C.L.O.M.E.A. designs and manufactures small, medium and large power bending machines both manual and computerized with numerical controls that allow the management of automatic multipass and single-pass curves, crucial for managing complex geometries and ensuring rapid and safe repeatability.

The great versatility of the bending machines means that they can be used in various sectors, such as: Mechanical Industry, Automotive Industry, Light and Heavy Carpentry, Doors and Windows, Nautical.

The C.L.O.M.E.A. makes use of a network of national and international resellers who, by operating directly in the area, can provide an immediate commercial and technical response before and after sales.
However, our technical-commercial offices remain available to examine any request by recommending the most suitable solutions.