Stainless steel tube bender

The processing of stainless steel tube bender is one of the main characteristics of the products of the Tuscan Clomea unable to do. Engaged for more than thirty years in the production and marketing of bending machines and equipment for shaping metal profiles, is able to offer innovative technical solutions to all its customers. The company caters mainly to the industry. The models of cutting machines, boring machines, facing machines, stainless steel tube bender machines, pantographs are mapped to other solutions that can address the needs of all types of customers. The technical staff of the Tuscan has a technical-commercial offices that are always available for guests to explore the best solutions for the various products. Clomea uses a number of retailers located throughout the country and internationally working to provide immediate assistance for those who work in the field of mechanical engineering, windows, boating, carpentry or automotive industry. Clomea produces a number of machines involved in shaping stainless steel tube bender. The bending is a type of machining that allows the deformation of an object by means of forces of different nature. In addition to it, the plates can also be modeled with the shearing and molding to obtain semi-finished products. In the industrial sector are many machines which are used to achieve certain shapes and objects using the folder.
The plates are modeled closely on the press brake according to the object that must be. Clomea undertakes for years in the field giving rise to machines and tools useful for bending metal profiles. Aluminum and stainless steel are the main materials used. The machines for stainless steel tube bender produced in the company also deal with model profiles and sheet metal through the use of truly innovative equipment and technology. Experts in the manufacture of stainless steel tube bender, the folder is able to obtain products suitable for different sectors. The realization of precise forms is the main purpose of the employees of Clomea. Companies that agree to use the bending machines must be aware of the effectiveness of the product and the possibility of realizing all that you want. Just think of the ancient smiths, when using a hammer and anvil plates were modeled. Today, thanks to technological innovations, manufacturing systems have evolved more and more. In the industrial sector of stainless steel tube bender there are certain companies that require the use of machines produced by Clomea. The company Scandicci, in the province of Florence, has an audience both nationally and internationally for the expertise and professionalism of its realization is so well-known that can not be concealed. The stainless steel tube bender is achieved by the special processing. Choosing the right machine for your business is not easy. In fact, buying the right folder must be made with awareness and care. The technicians of Clomea will illustrate the characteristics of the different machines according to the type of production that want to perform. In particular, Clomea uses of bending machines and bending of the brand ARCALL.
The stainless steel tube bender can be obtained through the use of high-performance profile bending iron and aluminum. Clomea is very useful to make available to customers and prospective buyers their experience. Through the establishment of free estimates and personalized advice without obligation you can all companies and customers who are interested in purchasing a folding machine with great functionality. In the large catalog of Clomea if it is available in large quantities. Contacting the company by e-mail or by visiting the website you can save much time and make an appointment with the technicians. Based on the available budget will be suggested and proposed the best cars. You also need to ask what will be their use and what will be the space for the allocation. Create a stainless steel tube bender of proven quality allows a company to continue over time their work with professionalism and attention. We must consider that these machine tools are used for very delicate processes such as bending of metal sheets and plates. Each procedure needs to follow rules defined that change and vary according to the material that is used. Different is the bending of an aluminum sheet by a for a sheet of stainless steel.
Depending on the forces that are imprinted on the material and profiles stainless steel tube bender can assume different conformations. After the shearing and molding, the bending of the metal is the last step of the processing because it allows to shape the material that has been worked by giving the appearance of a semi-finished product. Almost before you switch to shearing that deforms the sheet and then the molding gives a shape with a mold. The press brake, including machines that are sold by Clomea, allows to give the metal folds suited to achieve precise forms. Especially the construction companies make use of these stainless steel tube bender machines to get products ready for work in their field. For the uninitiated, however, the use of bending machines can also be done to strengthen existing structures and give it a different shape. The evolution of legacy systems and the ability to get a stainless steel tube bender quality has changed over the years. The bending machines offered by catalog Clomea are many and can meet the needs of an equally wide. It is hydraulic and electromechanical machines that are able to operate through different types of control solutions. Using the classic manual or with the control you can control the machines and make them effective in order to pursue.
The field curvature and the production of stainless steel tube bender must make use of different technologies to meet the needs of the production market. Clomea makes use of structures made of composite bodies with cast iron and steel shafts adjusted. Each machine is mounted on conical bearings and consists of hardened steel gears. The rollers positioned in the lower level are able to give the correct pressure to bend the structure and the metal profile used. The increase of stainless steel tube bender is determined manually or with hydraulic cylinders. We must consider that each machine has its own characteristics for the production of stainless steel tube bender. In fact, the model of the range of CR125-6 Clomea deals with increasing the curvature through the descent of the central roller. Practically, in this case the rectifiers lateral ground of stainless steel tube bender are mounted on spherical heads and each can be adjusted independently. Unlike these models are the CR 260 which, in the vast catalog Clomea, are able to model the bending profiles of iron and aluminum. This solution is suitable to compose and handle large sections and thickness as structures, curtain walls, beams, heavy carpentry, and stainless steel tube bender.

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Who we are

The company C.L.O.M.E.A. for over thirty years has been involved in the production and marketing of a vast range of bending machines, machine tools and equipment for metal sections.
The company is constantly seeking out new technology and new technical solutions in order to improve the quality of its products and to offer its customers suitable solutions for their needs.

Many years of experience, constant market research, evolutive planning, great care in performance and customer assistance, have helped C.L.O.M.E.A. to grow and become a leading market operator, with particular reference to the bending machine sector.


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