Square pipe bending machine

Clomea is a leading manufacturer of square pipe bending machine. The company was founded over thirty years ago in Scandicci in the province of Florence specializing in the course of time in the production of bending machines, bending machines, cutting machines and various other kinds of accessories for this square pipe bending machine. Both nationally and internationally, the company is a reference point for all companies in the industrial, marine, automotive offering machining of metal profiles of all types. The quality of the equipment is critical to achieve good results bending and finishing. The machinery is characterized by Clomea CNC bending machines and manual can ensure excellent performance over time. The series ARCALL CR 260 of Clomea consists of asquare pipe bending machine that is able to ensure high performance profiles of iron and aluminum. The advancement of the lower rollers of the machine is through the hydraulic pressure and it becomes suitable to model structures, curtain walls, beams, objects carpentry and square tubes of considerable thickness. Each bending of Clomea can be equipped with different control solutions that allow users to program the machining operation of the machine through an appropriate software or via manual dexterity.
The vast catalog of machinery Clomea will just amaze you. Depending on the effectiveness productive you want to achieve you can choose between different offers. Another possibility is guaranteed by the huge square pipe bending machine Series ARCALL CR 240. It is a bending fold, excellent for working both horizontally and vertically. It can be especially used to model the profiles of iron and aluminum with robust, curtain walls and objects carpentry. The machine can be equipped with six different control solutions. All equipment Clomea must be able to determine in a precise and rapid the radius of a curve through its meter. The curvature, in fact, is one of the most complex machining of metal profiles that must follow precise physical principles and dynamic to ensure maximum functionality. To obtain the desired curvature radius, the operator can perform some checks manuals or control it directly through the machines used for the control of Clomea that are equipped with the best existing software on the market. To get a good result of the curvature square pipe bending machine Series CR 140 is very useful. This is a fold-bending work both horizontally and vertically. In this case it is preferred to consider the process of production of iron and aluminum profiles, doors and windows of sturdy structure, curtain walls, tubes, plates, angular, tubes.
The experience of Clomea in the window and industrial production is demonstrated by the wide range of products they have. Each year, in fact, the engineers bother to create new products that can meet the production needs of growing businesses. The systems of curvature change as a function of the profile, and the section of the material to be bent. Most of the precision machines of Clomea are subjected to continuous checks and verifications. In addition to the classic square pipe bending machine, Clomea also has a series of bending by large electromechanical performance characteristics. First of all the CR 234 which is especially suited to work in the aluminum profiles for window frames and carpentry in iron, such as tubes, plates, angles and tubes of different shape and thickness. Unlike the hydraulic system operated by the punches, the progress of the lower rollers is via gearmotor. The square pipe bending machine operates in multi electronically controlled by a microprocessor, manageable in manual, semi-automatic and automatic with possibility to interrupt the working cycle to perform verifications. The real strength of this square pipe bending machine, however, is the software designed for it. This program is capable of handling single beam bends or curves with three rays ensuring a correct repetition of executions and the ability to store up to 199 different programs in single beam and multibeam in 19.
The bending machines can be folding, built in vertical and horizontal version. Clomea is able to satisfy its customers in a careful and precise. The qualified staff of technicians has the ability to be able to create functional products of high quality. Depending on the type of processing that want to implement, the material to be processed, the geometric curvature to be obtained, our employees will advise the type of machine best suited to meet your production requirements. Something special is square pipe bending machine Series ARCALL CR 130. In this case, the increase of the curvature is guaranteed by the inferior trees that, independent, are manually operated by a key to crick. With the same mechanism have been developed including the M series CR 125 and CR 126. Based on the needs of the customers, these electromechanical square pipe bending machine can choose the increase of curvature is given by the movement of the central shaft. In a first model the movement is actuated manually via a ratchet key, while in the model CR 125 H is actuated by a hydraulic cylinder with speed regulator. Companies that need high capacity need to understand what are the most suitable equipment to buy. The free quote and custom Clomea can help you choose without making mistakes. Keep in mind that it is also very reliable square pipe bending machine Series CR 126. In this case, the machinery consists of a programmable positioner that takes care of increments of curvature and the storage of the end position curve facilitating the repetition of several pieces simultaneously.
The activities of Clomea include the production and marketing of machines that can respond to the needs of different kinds. The machines of the company's vast catalog includes bending and calendering of stainless steel profiles and aluminum windows and doors of the building, facilities for the furniture, objects for carpentry and much more. Each square pipe bending machine must also have a system of control. Clomea is in charge of a whole series of instruments suitable to carry out a specific check during machining. The last two products developed by engineers Clomea are CNC CNW 233 and the 333. The first run in single processing with programmable curves with 36 different radii on the same bar and check over 500 positioning speed of the bending roller. The system is highly functional. In spite of what one might think, the software programmed, in addition to all the functions of the controls below, is able to control and manage automatically the speed of rotation of the rollers, allowing to achieve very small radii of curvature and speeding up processing in the case of large radii. This square pipe bending machine operates through a network connection Ethernet and is able to import DXF files, a format used for CAD programming. Producing two and three dimensional drawings, the machinery of Clomea are able to provide greater accuracy and quality in production. The machine CNW 333 operates with a Windows XP operating system, equipped with a TFT color monitor 17 ". This control system of square pipe bending machine operates in single and multipass and is applied to both hydraulic machines with standard engine with two speeds of rotation, with which variable speed drive, which allows you to manage 4-axis machining with automatic calculation of speed. You can directly manage file in DXF format to get the geometry to build and create network connections, to interface with other PC for data exchange. addition to square pipe bending machineClomea also offers cutting machines and accessories of different kinds.

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Who we are

The company C.L.O.M.E.A. for over thirty years has been involved in the production and marketing of a vast range of bending machines, machine tools and equipment for metal sections.
The company is constantly seeking out new technology and new technical solutions in order to improve the quality of its products and to offer its customers suitable solutions for their needs.

Many years of experience, constant market research, evolutive planning, great care in performance and customer assistance, have helped C.L.O.M.E.A. to grow and become a leading market operator, with particular reference to the bending machine sector.


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