Pipe bending machine manufacturers

Clomea is among the best pipe bending machine manufacturers on existing national and international level. Headquartered in Scandicci, provincial of Florence, the company has been operating for over thirty years in the production and marketing of folding and bending machines. For over thirty years Clomea aims primarily to meet the specific needs of the energy production of manufactured goods and processed curved metal. pipe bending machine manufacturers, Precision mechanics, carpentry, agriculture, shipbuilding, railways, furniture, plants in general, are among the main customers Clomea that produces bending machines and bending machines for all types of production requirements. To understand what they are able to realize the technical staff can view some of the work done by the photogallery on the website. The pipe bending machine manufacturers Clomea can work for third parties on the basis of a drawing of a sample or a template or they can simply advise customers on the best machine to buy for working metal profiles. The vast catalog of machinery produced by the Tuscan will amaze you and leave you spoiled for choice.Using the right equipment and the mechanical power of certain products can bend the metal sections of each type in order to give life to products applied in various fields.
Round tubes, round solid, tubular square, rectangular, oval windows, shaped plates, angle plates, beams: this can be produced through the use of machines of pipe bending machine manufacturersClomea. Each solution is designed and tailored for the client to perform the function that was requested. Extruded molding of tubes and profiles made from molding, through the machinery of Clomea you can really do it all. Contacting the company of pipe bending machine manufacturers via the contact details provided on the website you can have in a short time a complete statement of all the offers that may apply to you. By providing a personalized and free customers may already know what is our offer and understand what is the amount of the expenditure to be made. The order confirmation can be carried out immediately by forwarding a fax, but you can also decide to go home and consult the qualified technical staff. The machines marketed and manufactured by Clomea deal of bending and calendering of particular tubular and of profiles made from different types of metallic materials. The pipe bending machine manufacturersClomea prefer especially aluminum and stainless steel. The company can operate in different sectors and also deals with export a lot in different European countries. Specializing in the bending section profile special machines Clomea can also be used for special purposes as the companies dealing with lighting, furniture and construction equipment. Many companies rely on equipment that is not secure and safe. This must be considered first and foremost for the people who work for the company, but also to succeed in the manufacturing of high quality.
The objective of Clomea, compared to all other pipe bending machine manufacturers, is to provide the instrumentation necessary for the companies to enable them to produce all kinds of machining for metal profiles. Inclined cuts, drilling, pressing, calendering, the machines of Clomea can ensure every type of machining. In this area has become increasingly important to the use of machines almost completely automatic, with electronic control, which make it possible to speed up the production times and costs, and are able to provide a reliable reference point within the market. The secret of Clomea than other pipe bending machine manufacturers is determined by the choice of materials of certified quality. This need is particularly felt by companies that need to rely on a reliable partner. Any proposal that is made to the customer Clomea to optimally solve the technical problems that confront clients. Particular attention is paid in the production of machines that can ensure the best performance for companies. The curvature of metal tubes and profiles of any kind is very complex. Depending on the application, the radii of curvature, the material used is necessary to consider different types of equipment that can be arranged and chosen by customers Clomea.
Among other pipe bending machine manufacturersClomea represents a point of reference for the market for the production of bending machines. The products are also exported abroad for companies of different types. Starting from the technical drawing drawn by customers, Clomea can advise which type of instrumentation is one that can operate on pipes of any material, shape and size. The wide range of products related to the catalog of the pipe bending machine manufacturers is capable of producing round tubes of small diameter, thick pipes, tubes of medium thickness, special profiles. The industries that can contact Clomea are loads because the machines produced can realize the main processing for the metal profiles of each type. In particular, Clomea can be a reality leading to the sports facilities, the field of urban and automobile heating, lighting. The machinery of Clomea can perform the curvature of profiles of any shape in different types. In addition, pipe bending machine manufacturersClomea can help you make even special processing as crosscuts, threading, drilling. The instrumentation of Clomea are of presses for working plastic deformation and not with chip removal. The chosen material, such as aluminum or steel, can be plastically deformed due to machinery produced by Tuscan. To vary the initial form of a profiled machines imprint of the external forces of compression.
The presses realize, by appropriate kinematics, a reciprocating motion of a slide which, during its active stroke, exerts on the material to be deformed by a force equal to the power of the machine. Depending on your needs the pipe bending machine manufacturersClomea can advise you on the types of equipment most suited to respond effectively to your needs. The presses, in fact, may be different depending on the operating system they use. In mechanical presses the movement of the slide is obtained by means of kinematic mechanisms as the connecting rod-crank or life-nut. Instead, the hydraulic presses obtain their own movement thanks to a hydraulic oil pressure in place. These are just the most commonly used for pipe bending machine manufacturers. As regards the operation, the equipment should be used in a manner difference. In fact, the actuation of the slide can take place by exerting the maximum force at a certain distance from the sleigh or along its entire stroke. Depending on the operation to which they are intended presses can be distinguished. The vast catalog of pipe bending machine manufacturersClomea can advise what are the best tools for forging, for printing, for pressing, for cutting and folding. Of course, the bending is one of the most widely used processes in industry because it can turn and bend metal profiles such as pipes. The working cycle of the machines is very short and repetitive. This will enable client companies to increase the effectiveness and quality of its production exponentially. The generation of the forces applied by this type of instrumentation is very strong and allows to impart effective action to the materials. The Tuscan company is waiting for you in your home to Scandicci or is ready to prepare a free quote and customized for your business. You can rely on the best pipe bending machine manufacturers because you will not be completely disappointed.

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Who we are

The company C.L.O.M.E.A. for over thirty years has been involved in the production and marketing of a vast range of bending machines, machine tools and equipment for metal sections.
The company is constantly seeking out new technology and new technical solutions in order to improve the quality of its products and to offer its customers suitable solutions for their needs.

Many years of experience, constant market research, evolutive planning, great care in performance and customer assistance, have helped C.L.O.M.E.A. to grow and become a leading market operator, with particular reference to the bending machine sector.


CRM230 (Bending Machine)


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