Hydraulic tubing bender

The hydraulic tubing bender Clomea is the optimal solution for all businesses who want to equip themselves with the best technologies to work the metal sections. The curvature and bending are just some of the most important steps that can be performed with the productive systems of Clomea. The vast catalog of press brakes observes the rules of safety and efficiency determined by the market. Simple to use, the hydraulic tubing bender machines do not need to do is increase the productivity of companies providing useful materials and high quality. About this, the machines Clomea are able to meet the demand for companies from different sectors: shipbuilding, automotive, carpentry, engineering, interior decoration. The company aims to provide its customers' machines manufactured in accordance with current legislation so as to minimize the risks arising from their use. The technical evolution and the constant search for innovation from the market are the main strengths of Clomea. The hydraulic tubing bender can perform bending operations and bending of profiles in stainless steel, iron, aluminum. The machine operates through the hydraulic pressure that adjusted in the right way is able to determine with great accuracy the degree of the angle to give the tube. In fact, you can get tubes of different sizes, square tubes, pipes and much more open. Headquartered in Scandicci, in the province of Florence, Clomea work both on the Italian domestic market of hydraulic tubing bender and internationally. Processes carried out with machines of the latest generation of the catalog Clomea are characterized by the precision and quality.
The departments are equipped with machinery and software technology that can meet the needs of the processing market engineering in a practical and efficient. Punches, presses, cutting machines, welding robots, are just some of the products that you can find at the plant. The hydraulic tubing bender is produced in different sizes and features. We have the series CR-240 which is formed by bending tip machining both horizontally and vertically. The lower rollers move through the advancement and the hydraulic pressure. This type of machines are perfectly suited to profiled iron and aluminum by the robust construction, but can also be used for curtain and operations of carpentry. The functionality of the machine Clomea is also given by the fact that it can be equipped with six different control solutions and the code of the machine varies precisely on the basis of these. There are also other bending machines folding. The collection CR - 230 is characterized by hydraulic machines that move with lower rollers and can be used for working horizontally and vertically. The hydraulic tubing bender of this type is particularly suitable for working tubes, dishes and products of medium steel. In the vast product catalog Clomea there are machines that can respond to the needs of all kinds. Customers can contact with complete peace of mind by contacting the company and receiving in a short time with a free quote and custom machines that can better meet the production needs of the applicant. The Tuscan company provides customers professionalism, competence and quality.
The hydraulic tubing bender ARCALL CR 234 is an electromechanical bending machine, suitable for aluminum profiles for window and carpentry in iron, such as tubes, plates, angles, pipes. In this case, the progress of the lower rollers is via a geared motor, or a device that allows the operation of the machine. It operates in multi electronically controlled by a microprocessor. The hydraulic tubing bender machine can be operated in a manual, semi-automatic and automatic with possibility to interrupt the working cycle to perform verifications. The software installed on the machine handles single beam bends or curves with three rays ensuring a correct repetition of executions and the ability to store up to 199 different programs in single beam and multibeam in 19. The hydraulic tubing bender is always in step with innovation. One of the latest news from Clomea are the control CNW 333 developed on Windows XP operating system for its bending machines. Each new machine consists of an industrial PC with HD, USB ports, TFT color monitor. This type of control system can operate in single and multipass and is applied to hydraulic machines both with engines standard two speed of rotation that with variable speed, which allows to handle 4-axis machining with automatic calculation of the speed.
The functions in the different versions of the hydraulic tubing bender are gradually expanding thanks to a programming system very intuitive visualization of the arrangements, programming up to 36 rays and the automatic calculation of positioning new radii facilitating the execution and planning of processes. Technology has expanded more and more opportunities for those working in the industry. It 'Finally, you can directly manage files in DXF format to get the geometry to build and create network connections, to interface with other PCs to exchange data. Power performance of hydraulic tubing bender machines of Clomea grow more and more. In fact, the company has developed over the years a range of control solutions that can help increase the effectiveness of the machines produced by Tuscan. An example is the manual control applicable to hydraulic tubing bender. The control solution CM 100 is represented by a machine which operates in multi. The operator must check the job managing completely the geometry of the curve and the advancement of the rollers, in which the positioning is constantly displayed on two display. Details are the capabilities of the CN 111 works also in multi electronically controlled by a microprocessor. The software installed on each machine allows you to control the curves to be applied to metal profiles ensuring correct repetition of executions and the ability to store programs.
The hydraulic tubing bender can be controlled thanks to the number of products in the CN Clomea. A very special model is that of CN 112, which allows processing in multi on a single radius in single and up to 36 consecutive rays. The machine is able to store 200 positions for 20 different sections of profile. In the version HAIM is also possible to manage the speed of rotation of the rollers for the implementation of reduced radius. Clomea is a real guarantee in the field. In fact, for the hydraulic tubing bender machines can be applied to more complex control systems even more updated and powerful. Take the example of CNC 120 which is equipped with a sophisticated control system consists of an industrial PC with color monitor 14 "floppy and 3.5". The program can work in multi on a single radius, or in single with the ability to program up to twelve different radii on the same bar, automatically calculating and managing over 500 positioning speed, both incoming and outgoing, the bending roller , making it possible to handle even complex geometries such as arches, ellipses or polygons. The software of this hydraulic tubing bender can also undergo constant upgrades. Among these there is the possibility of extending the automatic calculation for new geometric figures or the possibility of converting the same program by a metal profile to another. To obtain a good result of curvature and the bending is essential that the equipment used are of very good quality. Clomea is committed for over thirty years in the production of hydraulic tubing bender machines, cutting machines, bending machines that can create high-quality jobs in different industries that can be applied. Every year, the company provides to develop new products that can meet the needs of the increased productivity of the best customers. The hydraulic tubing benderClomea is a real guarantee of quality for all those who want to work the metal profiles and give you curves with different radii and different geometric shapes.

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Who we are

The company C.L.O.M.E.A. for over thirty years has been involved in the production and marketing of a vast range of bending machines, machine tools and equipment for metal sections.
The company is constantly seeking out new technology and new technical solutions in order to improve the quality of its products and to offer its customers suitable solutions for their needs.

Many years of experience, constant market research, evolutive planning, great care in performance and customer assistance, have helped C.L.O.M.E.A. to grow and become a leading market operator, with particular reference to the bending machine sector.

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