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Clomea is the leading company in the production and marketing of hydraulic pipe bending machine. Headquartered in Scandicci, in the province of Florence, the company is responsible for over thirty years to be a point of reference in the market of bending machines and bending machines. Different types of metal profiles can be modeled with the aid of specific machinery. The qualified staff of Clomea develop the best innovations of the market of hydraulic pipe bending machine through constant research and a passion for the field of metalworking. Nationally and internationally, the company consists of a number of retailers that operate directly in the area where the customer is located. It is important that customers feel at ease and be able to receive an immediate response technique after the sale. The hydraulic pipe bending machine needs, in fact, a very careful maintenance. The industries that use this type of technology should make great attention to the quality of the product. Since it depends on their own production and the effectiveness of their processing. That is why the technical-commercial Clomea are always available to clients, to examine any request and recommending the best solutions to make.
The manufacturing process of steel profiles that Can also be used by a hydraulic pipe bending machine are endless. For example, there is the calendering. In this case, the surface, the sheet metal or the profile are deformed so as to assume a curvature determined. Products that can be made with the hydraulic machines produced by Clomea are many. Besides the classic hydraulic pipe bending machine hoses, there are also tubes of medium and large diameter, installations for the building, the construction of tanks. It is for these that the calendering process becomes important. The machines prepared for this work are formed by three rollers which are arranged parallel to each other depending on the vertices of an isosceles triangle. The radius or curvature of the profiles will be running the material between the rollers. The radius of curvature can be moderated through the use of rollers. In fact, during the calendering process, hydraulic pipe bending machine must be used in a conscious and careful to make sure that they are made all the right steps. Thanks to the translational motion and bridging the rollers can be adjusted and obtain the curvatures of the products from high finish. Other processing very important that is made in the modeling industry is the bending of metal profiles. In fact, the catalog of machines Clomea is also rich in machines that are able to bend the metal. A process of plastic deformation of great importance is bending.
After the shaping, this process can be done with a hydraulic pipe bending machine or press brakes. Practically, the metal section are practiced folds rectilinear and parallel on pieces of different sizes. This type of equipment for hydraulic pipe bending machines may be operated by means of mechanical systems by means of cranks and specific instruments. Different is instead the speech for the hydraulic systems that by means of pistons can organize work in either manual or through the numeric control performed by computer. The processing can be performed on different types of materials: aluminum, steel. Each of these has certain characteristics, melting temperatures, elasticity that should be considered by engineers and companies that are working on it. The deformation impressed by ahydraulic pipe bending machine is caused by a bending stress that one should keep in mind specific: the pressure must not exceed the elastic limit of the material. The mechanical machining of the profiles must follow different types of processes. In addition to bending there is also the molding that can be carried out cold or hot. The machines need to be prepared to meet the different needs of each job. That's why engineers Clomea are aware that we must always be alert and prepared. In order to ensure high-performance machines and high-quality, constantly working in the factory Clomea.
The hydraulic pipe bending machine is equipped with a punch, also called knife, which is mounted on the moving part. Accompanying this mechanism, there are a matrix and a stripper. The machines perform almost all the function of a mold for press. Depending on the different needs of thickness, the shape you want to give to the piece, to the radius of curvature that you want to give to the piece, reference can be made to knives and matrices of different type. Whereas Clomea itself takes care of the production of hydraulic pipe bending machines, customers can find everything they can to meet the production needs of each sector. In fact, the machining operations carried out with the machinery of Clomea can be used for the production of pipes, but also of other different types of products that relate to the sector of the automotive industry and boating. The hydraulic pipe bending machine will become your guarantee for bending profiles of aluminum, iron, brass and stainless steel. Clomea was founded over thirty years ago specializing more and more in the curvature of curtain systems, you can view the gallery in-depth on the website, but also other types of systems. The continuous interest in research and innovation has done nothing but bring Clomea to become the leader in the production of curved profiles.
The hydraulic pipe bending machines developed by the technicians of the company is unique. Using the most advanced technological systems, machines can have the control and even the laser measurement. The Tuscan company is able to provide the optimal solution to all the problems existing in the realization of projects of curvature of the profiles. Consider that a highly qualified technical staff is able to support customers in every production phase. Each project will be treated step by step starting from the realization of the profile matrix up to the machining and heat treatment may be carried out on materials. The catalog of Clomea will allow you to choose the hydraulic pipe bending machines most suitable for your business. The purchase of a machine reliable and quality is essential for companies that need to make the work safe and guaranteed. The curvature and the calendering of the materials is performed thanks to appropriate instrumentation that can deform in a mechanical way everything you want. For the machining of a hydraulic pipe bending machine's profile is necessary to impart to its longitudinal axis a predetermined geometry that can develop indifferently. The areas that need certain machines are many. The companies involved in precision mechanics, carpentry, boats, furniture, plants can not do anything but decide to entrust to a competent and prepared as Clomea. Our technicians will explain the specific characteristics of each hydraulic pipe bending machines to share with you chosen to perform it in a knowledgeable and understanding what are the possible uses of the instrument. Companies need reliable equipment important and that can not help but bring significant benefits to their domestic production. hydraulic pipe bending machines? please contact Clomea.

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The company C.L.O.M.E.A. for over thirty years has been involved in the production and marketing of a vast range of bending machines, machine tools and equipment for metal sections.
The company is constantly seeking out new technology and new technical solutions in order to improve the quality of its products and to offer its customers suitable solutions for their needs.

Many years of experience, constant market research, evolutive planning, great care in performance and customer assistance, have helped C.L.O.M.E.A. to grow and become a leading market operator, with particular reference to the bending machine sector.


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