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Performance table


High performance bending machines for iron and aluminium sections.
Hydraulic advancement of the lower rollers.
Suitable for large sections and weight bearing structures, continuous facades, H-beams, heavy ironwork structures and very thick tubes.
The machines can be equipped with five different control solutions.
The machine code varies with respect to the control applied

Dimensions: 2800x2200x1500 Kg. 3200

CR160H - CR161H
Motor Rotation Kw 10.3 400V.
Hydraulic control unit motor Kw 5.5 400V. 160Bar
Rotation rollers revolutions/1' 6
Shaft Diameters 100

Motor Rotation Kw 10.3-5.9 400V.
Hydraulic control unit motor Kw 9.2 400V.160Bar
Rotation rollers revolutions/1' 3 – 6
Shaft Diameters 100