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Performance table



Collapsible bending machine for processing both horizontally and vertically.
Hydraulic advancement of the lower rollers.
Suitable for sections in iron,PVC or aluminium, both for window and door frames of robust structure, continuous facade, and for ironwork structures in general such as tubular, flat and angled sections and tubes.
The machine can be equipped with six different control solutions.
The machine code varies on the basis of the control applied.

Dimensions: Horizzontal Version 1250x950x1200 Kg.960 
                   Vertical Version 950x1200x1550

CR140RH - CR141RH
Motor Rotation                            Kw 3 400V.
Hydraulic control unit motor         Kw 4,1 400V. 150Bar
Rotation rollers revolutions/1'       7
Shaft Diameters Central 58          Lateral 50

Motor Rotation                           Kw 3- 1.5 400V.
Hydraulic control unit motor        Kw 4.1 400V. 150Bar
Rotation rollers revolutions/1'¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 3,5 ‚Äď 7
Shaft Diameters Central 58          Lateral 50

Motor Rotation                          Kw 3 400V.
Hydraulic control unit motor       Kw 4,1 400V. 150Bar
Rotation rollers revolutions/1'     1,5 / 8,5
Shaft Diameters Central 58         Lateral 50