Bending aluminum extrusions

Clomea is a leading manufacturer of bending aluminum extrusions. The extrusion process is very complex and is included in the field of metalworking. In particular, aluminum is a material highly resistant, but ductile to be subjected to machining of different kinds. Forcing the compression of aluminum are unable to reproduce a form, called extruded, according to the needs of the customer. The aluminum profiles and bending aluminum extrusions are extruded through special processes that allow the soul of the matrix to model the piece, creating a high-quality product. Clomea is headquartered in Scandicci in the province of Florence for many years in the sale of bending machines and bending machines that are able to provide companies working metals production processes fast and significant. To give life to the profiles in aluminum alloy must cross the phases very complex, including the production of bending aluminum extrusions. The technical skills of staff Clomea make it all possible with fast turnaround times and fast. The metals can be processed via the extrusion technique which models the aluminum alloys allowing the realization of important products. Clomea produces machines that are able to model the semi-finished products, even more complex shapes, being able to have good performance. The machine that takes care of the extrusion, in fact, is a press.
The process of manufacture of bending aluminum extrusionsfollows certain steps. First of all it must take the material concerned, in this case aluminum, add it to high temperature inside a container. Through a piston is pushed towards the aluminum matrix, ie the mold equipped with special slit, which allows the escape of the metal giving a well-defined shape. The matrix of bending aluminum extrusions is often constituted by a disk of steel which can be hot worked and which reproduces the profile in the shape you want to obtain. Please keep in mind that the matrix is part of the press. Via press brakes vast catalog of Clomea you can make the folds of great quality. The processing of plastic deformation which gives rise to bending aluminum extrusions consists in the action of compression which forces the material to be worked to assume a contour particular thanks to the matrix. The bending machines are able to practice the bend of pieces of different sizes and are actuated through mechanical or hydraulic systems that allow it to function. In particular, the machinery of Clomea use hydraulic systems because the pistons may be governed manually or in an even more efficient by computer. The vast catalog of products Clomea can guarantee to national and international companies of high quality products to make their own companies processing of materials of all kinds.
Through the bending aluminum extrusionsmay obtain particular products that can be used for many sectors and for various building activities. The press brakes are constituted by a punch, from a matrix and a blank holder. Based on the needs of the company that requires a product to Clomea, can be considered as different types of machinery for realize bending aluminum extrusions. In fact, the matrices and their characteristics are functional to the type of object you want to get. In essence, when it performs an operation of bending one tries to bend the plates. The extrusion process can be practiced through different methods. First of all, for the profiles is very complicated practiced the direct extrusion in which the metal is placed inside a container to be then extruded through a compressor. The metal for bending aluminum extrusions is passed through a matrix that fails to give shape to the profile even if it has very large dimensions. In the case in which the extrusion is reversed there is a compressor that has a hollow cylinder in which the material tends to rise by acting on the matrix. Clomea has worked for many years for the production and sale of machines for bending aluminum extrusions. Thanks to technical solutions keep pace with market innovations, the staff of Clomea constantly seeks to improve the quality of their products in order to offer customers solutions for all types of customers. After about 30 years of experience in the industry, Clomea implements a highly evolved design. In the operations of bending and extrusion and need high-precision and effectiveness.
The bending aluminum extrusions are the products obtained by the bending machines that are sold by Clomea. The Tuscan company shall ensure the implementation of cutting machines, end milling machines, drilling machines, pantographs, but also bending of all sizes. If you need to provide for the creation of complex geometries and profiles of great complexity, you can rely on the experts to Clomea. The bending aluminum extrusions machines are very versatile and are easily able to find employment in areas as diverse as mechanical engineering, carpentry, doors and windows, marine and automotive industries. Thanks to a network of national and international retailers that can operate directly in the affected area, the company is able to provide an immediate response for all types of needs. All those who want to get bending aluminum extrusionsmay turn to Clomea without the risk of being disappointed. The machines produced and marketed by the company are both manual and computerized numerical control. In this way, during the bending process can be modeled profiles as well as better is preferred. Quickly and with a repetition to ensure the customer can buy the best bending machines on the market. The brand most used by the Tuscan Arcal.
Extrusion is an operation that must be carried out at different temperatures depending on the materials being molded and machined. For aluminum alloys the optimum temperature is 480 ░ C, while the alloy steels come up to a temperature of 1300 ░ C. According to a cold process, moreover, can be extruded even small pieces of aluminum, brass, lead, copper, and zinc. Depending on the area and the sector in which they will be used, the aluminum profiles can be of different type. The machines needed to produce bending aluminum extrusions Clomea are highly reliable and can give rise to products of high quality. Reliability, safety and resistance to breakage and damage, are the main objectives of the professional staff who work in the company. The aluminum profiles which are produced with the processing carried out by the machines must be resistant, but also attractive from the aesthetic point of view. In fact, the high quality of the items produced allow us to consider their application in different areas. For example, in bending aluminum extrusions can be used as shutters, doors and robust equipment. Each profile must be configured and format depending on the needs of the customer. Thanks to advanced modeling done to your computer, bending machines can give rise to great aluminum profiles. Even many international companies rely on bending aluminum extrusions. In the industrial sector are very important processes of extrusion dies are made of special steel. The design of each product can be treated in detail by technical experts from Clomea. The billets of aluminum are placed within arrays that pushed by pressure or transformed allow to produce long shaped bars. With machines Clomea your business will use instruments by high production capacity. Parts made through bending machines are bending aluminum extrusions. Clomea offers its customers valuable and consistent tools that can provide a point of reference in the world of design and creation of aluminum profiles. bending aluminum extrusions? please contact Clomea.

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The company C.L.O.M.E.A. for over thirty years has been involved in the production and marketing of a vast range of bending machines, machine tools and equipment for metal sections.
The company is constantly seeking out new technology and new technical solutions in order to improve the quality of its products and to offer its customers suitable solutions for their needs.

Many years of experience, constant market research, evolutive planning, great care in performance and customer assistance, have helped C.L.O.M.E.A. to grow and become a leading market operator, with particular reference to the bending machine sector.


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