Aluminium tube bending

The process of aluminum tube bending is very delicate and requires a wide knowledge on the part of the industry. The processing of the metal profiles is characterized by numerous operations which must be made through the use of special machinery. About this, one of the most talented producers of bending machines existing in Italy is Clomea. To be able to give rise to artifacts of great value is necessary that companies are able to realize folds and curves according to the materials to be used. These operations of aluminum tube bending can only be carried out with the aid of valid specific machinery. Bending machines, press brakes, control systems, accessories, Clomea produces each kind of tool that can be useful to the industries of different sectors. Furniture, transportation, lighting, carpentry, are just some of the main areas that can use the products Clomea. The vast catalog of machinery allows you to understand that the operations aluminum tube bending can be performed with sections of different thickness and of great complexity. Beware of all those who think they can work through simple aluminum cutter. The bending and the curvature of this ductile material resistant but at the same time must be made with machinery effective and safe.
Clomea is a company with years of experience that caters to both the Italian and international market. Specializing in wholesale of aluminum profiles, accessories, machinery involved in cutting and bending sheet metal, has long since entered the production and marketing of equipment used for bending aluminum profiles. The process of aluminum tube bending has become increasingly simple due to the implementation of innovative technologies and modern that facilitate the production of industries from different sectors. Many companies in the sector and the transportation they need to acquire machinery to work carefully and with the utmost security as aluminum or steel. The new CNC bending of Clomea are able to create works of Grid to provide a better service to all its customers. Specific equipment for aluminum tube bending machines, such as rollers and dies are made of the best materials and can be purchased through the extensive catalog. The moment you will be interested in the products of Clomea you can request a free quote and personalized service that you are quoted the great opportunities you have. The company needs to cooperate fully with customers to satisfy all their needs. The machinery used for aluminum tube bending can be distinguished according to the type of work that can be carried out. Using the contact details provided on the website Clomea can start to see the price lists and examples of curvature achievable. It is important to create a relationship with the companies that cater to Clomea to offer all the services you need in the best way. The experience within the sector allows to address issues of different types and increasingly complex. If you are looking for the most suitable solution for professional and disrupt the production of metal profiles in your area you can not help but turn to Clomea.
The cycle of the aluminum tube bending is very complex, but through the machinery of Clomea can be made fast and practical. The products contained in the vast catalog can be divided into mechanical presses and hydraulic presses. The instrumentation of the first type are different according to the mechanism used to transmit motion to the slide. In turn, the presses can be constituted by an eccentric shaft which transmits the reciprocating motion to the slide, or may be defined presses clutch, where the motion is transmitted to the slide thanks to the friction of two discs placed alternately in contact with the flywheel. Totally different is the hydraulic presses, much more functional and characterized by a drive fluid to and from a slow movement. The process of aluminum tube bending must be absolutely safe. Companies that decide to rely on machines Clomea must be assured of the opportunity to use these tools safely. It is for this reason that the hydraulic presses in particular are equipped with specific safety devices.
The hydraulic presses have a closed mold that allows the punch that works within the matrix not to crush the metal and not being able to bend it. Moreover, all the sides of the press are encased in fixed guards which allow only the passage of the workpiece. The protection of the danger zone is crucial for the functioning of the machine, even if this has a screen open. There are specific devices block of aluminum tube bending. First of all there is a diffuse light curtain that is connected to the control system. If a fault occurs or an anomaly the device is connected with the control system preventing the descent of the punch when there is in a situation of danger. The machine for aluminum tube bending stops immediately in order to provide an intrinsically safe system difficult to find in other instruments. The hydraulic presses, in fact, are constituted by a valve which closes the hydraulic circuit in the event of a fault preventing any movement. Same goes for the choke valve of the flow that is committed to bring down the mold in a controlled manner by ascertaining a limitation to the pressure of the machine. As you can understand the mechanism of operation of these machines is very complex. That's why you need to rely only on experts in aluminum tube bending. In addition to the curvature, the machinery can also perform the bending as machining of metal profiles. In this case, there is the risk that the workpiece moves during the processing or falling when the punch back. Therefore, considering the business needs of companies that cater to Clomea to replenish their supply of machinery it must ensure that employees are the company but also the highest level of performance and efficiency.
The machinery must be safe and perform the work cycle without problems. Companies that deal with aluminum tube bending as Clomea to remain more competitive in the market, they must constantly update and innovate its product. One of the key elements of this upgrade process also involves the knowledge, evaluation and updating of machine tools used in different processes. These measures provide, in addition to electrical and mechanical updates, the update of the various devices related to machine safety. The instruments produced by Clomea in industrial applications are able to offer the added value guaranteeing, in addition to a security level gradually increased for the operator, a greater flexibility of use with a consequent increase in the productivity of the machines by improving the quality of the work as a whole. The vast catalog of aluminum tube bendingClomea allows client companies to increase their ability to produce different quantities or individual pieces of products, using in different ways, with sudden passages from a production to a ' other, their machine tools, strengthening its competitiveness. A targeted approach and is qualified manufacturers Clomea who want to offer companies the security and tranquility of a work environment quality, achieving the highest efficiency in production. Clomea is proposed to all those organizations who work with machines hydraulic press brakes, bending machines, aluminum tube bending machines, pantographs and who intend to pursue the objectives of safety, quality and productivity in the synthesis of competitiveness in a targeted and effective looking for every single application. To see the catalog of products aluminum tube bendingClomea you can visit the website or go directly to the corporate headquarters of Scandicci in the province of Florence.

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The company C.L.O.M.E.A. for over thirty years has been involved in the production and marketing of a vast range of bending machines, machine tools and equipment for metal sections.
The company is constantly seeking out new technology and new technical solutions in order to improve the quality of its products and to offer its customers suitable solutions for their needs.

Many years of experience, constant market research, evolutive planning, great care in performance and customer assistance, have helped C.L.O.M.E.A. to grow and become a leading market operator, with particular reference to the bending machine sector.


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