Aluminium bending machine

Clomea is the leading company in the production of aluminum bending machine. Born in Tuscany many years ago, the company is aimed at both national and international clients that require bending machines of high quality and reliability. Keep in mind that the stages of production of metal tubes are very complex and there is a need for companies to make use of reliable and secure technology. For the forming of the detail of aluminum bending machine are carried out different types of machining operations on the part of responsible companies. Among these are the curvature and drawing. The operations are carried out with the aid of molds consist of punches and dies which deal of drag and bend the parts of the workpiece along the walls subjecting it to plastic deformation processes different. Practically, during these processes the sheet or the profiled retains its thickness but is shaped in such a way as to obtain the final shape. The aluminum tube bending machine can get different types of processing. Among these the curvature can be distinguished from drawing. This is a process that presupposes a deep drawing because it causes more deformation of materials with high ductility and high rate of elongation. Structures that companies can get through the aluminum folding machines are endless. Not only tubes, but also bodies for motor vehicles, supporting structures for electrical appliances, furniture parts, containers for liquids.
The aluminum tube bending machine that you can find in the vast catalog of Clomea is represented by presses that are able to generate a continuous and progressive pressure against aluminum profiles considered. In other words, these structures fail to shear and deform the material that is placed in the mold. The presses are usually composed of a base, by a frame, by guiding columns, by motors that are able to generate the force. Also, very important are the systems of management and control of the molding cycle of aluminum bending machine work. The formation of structures and objects takes place via the crankcase where it is fixed and then the mold is present a movable part which is connected to the press platens of the frame. The latter has the function to counterbalance the forces that are imprinted to the mold. A very important distinction for aluminum tube bending machine is the one concerning the method that generates the force capable of imparting a pressure aluminum profile. In fact, we can distinguish mechanical or hydraulic machines. Clomea deals with the production of both these structures in order to ensure to all its customers high quality products. The production needs of companies are becoming increasingly important and consult a reliable company that can provide the right catalog of technological innovations is essential.
Mechanical presses can be divided into two types. There are screw presses and nut that are preferred for the extrusion operations of the metal sheets and hot stamping. In this case, the aluminum bending machine is equipped with a ram which is moved by a screw which engages in the nut fixed crank case.

Aluminium tube bending machine

The process is very complex as well as the production of this type of aluminum tube bending machine. In one sense or another the screw is rotated in an alternative way and is able to form objects of great value. The mechanical presses eccentric, instead, are used in the cold working of sheet metal for operations of shearing and punching. The engine of the machine actuates the flywheel that transmits energy through a friction clutch and allows an eccentric shaft to give life to the machining of the aluminum profiles. The main components of a aluminum tube bending machine are the frame in the part of the press on which are placed the mold and equipment required to operate and the flywheel, or the rotating member which allows to give regularity in variable speed machines. The ram port tool, instead, is a device that is present in every press and that allows the descent adjust the movable part of the mold, ie the punch.
The catalog of products Clomea is so vast that there is only the embarrassment of choice for customers. In fact, in addition to mechanical presses there is a whole series of hydraulic presses that can be produced in the Tuscan and that can be sold to companies engaged in the production of pipes and aluminum structures. In particular, the aluminum tube bending machine consists of hydraulic presses is a machine that can print a metallic object through three stages of drawing which proceed from right to left. Practically hydraulic presses are supported by the action of a liquid under pressure. Are preferred compared to those mechanical when, during processing with aluminum tube bending machine on work, no need to adjust the pressure and keep it constant over time, as in forming operations. The mold that allows the final production of the object can always be constituted by three elements: the punch, the die and the blank holder. The first is the movable element of the mold which is composed of a different shape depending on the operation that must be performed. Due to its fast and precise movement is able to produce the shearing or forming of the metal section. Component of a aluminum tube bending machine is also the matrix which is the fixed part of the mold and which is placed on the platen of the press. In the case where there are of complex molds is also used the blank holder that locks the profiled against the matrix avoiding its dragging by the punch.
The materials with which products are manufactured and marketed by Clomea machines are the best existing on the market. In fact, the construction of molds and machinery is characterized by high hardness, toughness and wear resistance. Every part of the machine must be hardened and ground. In particular, Clomea is engaged for more than thirty years in the production and marketing of a wide range of aluminum tube bending machine. The equipment for metal profiles are carefully selected and produced because Clomea is always looking for new technologies and new technical solutions that can improve the quality of its products. Customers should benefit from a wide range of solutions to address the different requirements that are presented. After all these years of experience, Clomea is a leading manufacturer of this type of machinery. The constant research of the market, the design evolved, and care in assisting the customers, are the distinctive features of the Tuscan company. The production ofaluminum tube bending machine has allowed the company to become the leading sector with particular attention to the processes of bending and bending metal sections. In addition to the various types of saws, milling machines, boring machines and pantographs, Clomea manufactured and designed bending of small, medium and large power both manual and computerized with numerical controls that allow the management of multi-path curves in automatic, crucial to handle complex geometries and ensure speedy and safe performance repeatability. The areas where it can be employed aluminum tube bending machine are extremely varied:Machine Shop, Automotive, Carpentry light and heavy for windows.

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Who we are

The company C.L.O.M.E.A. for over thirty years has been involved in the production and marketing of a vast range of bending machines, machine tools and equipment for metal sections.
The company is constantly seeking out new technology and new technical solutions in order to improve the quality of its products and to offer its customers suitable solutions for their needs.

Many years of experience, constant market research, evolutive planning, great care in performance and customer assistance, have helped C.L.O.M.E.A. to grow and become a leading market operator, with particular reference to the bending machine sector.


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